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Family of George James TAYLOR and Ellen L KAY

Husband: George James TAYLOR (1871-1942)
Wife: Ellen L KAY (1877?-1909?)
Children: Ellen Maria Caroline TAYLOR (1904-1905)
George James Alfred TAYLOR (1905- )
Dorothy Louise TAYLOR (1908-1908?)
Marriage 13 Apr 1902 All Saints, Islington, London, England, UK

Husband: George James TAYLOR

Name: George James TAYLOR 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Aug 1871 Islington, London, England, UK
Death 29 Sep 1942 (age 71) 136 Offord Road, London, England, UK
Burial Finchley Crematorium, Finchley, London, England, UK

Wife: Ellen L KAY

Name: Ellen L KAY 2
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred KAY (1849?- )
Mother: Caroline AXTELL (1851-1897)
Birth 1877 (app) Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England, UK
Census (1) 3 Apr 1881 (age 3-4) 18 Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, England, UK 3
Census (2) 5 Apr 1891 (age 13-14) 20 & 22 St John Road, Clerkenwell, London, England, UK 4
Death 1909 (app) (age 31-32)

Child 1: Ellen Maria Caroline TAYLOR

Name: Ellen Maria Caroline TAYLOR 5
Sex: Female
Birth 1904 Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England, UK
Baptism 17 Apr 1904 (age 0) St Mark's, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, UK
Death 13 Nov 1905 (age 0-1)

Child 2: George James Alfred TAYLOR

Name: George James Alfred TAYLOR 6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joyce Doris SMITH (1910-1973)
Birth 9 Sep 1905 North Clerkenwell, London, England, UK

Child 3: Dorothy Louise TAYLOR

Name: Dorothy Louise TAYLOR 5
Sex: Female
Birth 11 May 1908 London, England, UK
Death 1908 (app) (age 0)
Baptism 5 Jul 1909 (age 1) St Paul, Pear Tree St, London, England, UK

Note on Husband: George James TAYLOR

NOTES: ~From Hilary Kench - Funeral Invoice, Church Marriage Cert., Birth Cert 1901 census at Clerkenwell - Needlework Farer

Note on Wife: Ellen L KAY

NOTES: ~From GenesReunited - It looks like we share our Kay line. My father - George Taylor was bornin 1905 and is still with us. he is the son of Ellen Kay (1878), Grandson of Alfred Kay (1850). I have a few pictures of his cousins but I haven't got round to adding them to the tree, and I can't remember off hand their parents were. As Ellen died in about 1909 I have very little knowledge of the Kay side of the family other than what I have dicovered from the census. Love to hear what you know. Marilyn (Hilary's mum)


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