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Daniel AXTELL's parents: Daniel AXTELL (1622-1660) and Rebecca (1643- )

Family of Daniel AXTELL and Rebecca HOLLAND

Husband: Daniel AXTELL (1658?-1687)
Wife: Rebecca HOLLAND (1640?-1729?)
Children: James AXTELL (1664?-1676)
Martha AXTELL (1666?-1679)
Marriage 29 Jul 1659 Winslow, Buckinghamshire, England, UK 1

Husband: Daniel AXTELL

Name: Daniel AXTELL
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel AXTELL (1622-1660)
Mother: Rebecca (1643- )
Birth 1658 (est)
Death Jun 1687 (age 28-29) 2

Wife: Rebecca HOLLAND

Name: Rebecca HOLLAND
Sex: Female
Father: Cornelius HOLLAND ( - )
Mother: Sibilla ( - )
Birth 1640 (app) Westminster, London, England, UK 3
Death 1729 (app) (age 88-89) South Carolina, USA
Residence 1659 (age 18-19) Crislowe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK 1

Child 1: James AXTELL

Name: James AXTELL 3
Sex: Male
Birth 1664 (app) Stoke Newington, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England, UK 3
Death 6 Jun 1676 (age 11-12) 3

Child 2: Martha AXTELL

Name: Martha AXTELL 3
Sex: Female
Birth 1666 (app) Stoke Newington, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England, UK 3
Death 22 Dec 1679 (age 12-13) 3

Note on Husband: Daniel AXTELL


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Merchant in London, Came to South Carolina ca 1680, received land grant for 3000 acres 1680, made Landgrave in 1681, married Lady Rebecca Holland who came to South Carolina in 1683 and she received grants of about 3,780 acres in 1696, 1704, 1707 and 1711. [Comp. of Am Gen.]

Daniel and his son Holland were "landgraves" near modern Summerville, South Carolina on the Ashley River (inland from Charles Town--now Charleston). Holland died childless in 1692. The name died with him, but the daughters married well.




From South Carolina Historical Magazine:













Printed for the Society by


Charleston, 1904.


p 176



DANIEL AXTKLL, a merchant of London, was granted lands

in South Carolina about 16801 and, upon nomination of John

Archdale. Esq., was elected a landgrave of Carolina by the

Lords Proprietors, August 10. 1681.* He came to South

Carolina ;ibout this time, but died within a year or two,5 his ,

Carolina ss: pursuant to the Direccons of the Lords prop": on this

behalf you are to admeasure and lay forth unto Mr.

Daniell Axtell of London March,: one of y* settlers

of this province three thousand acres of land in som

Convenient place not yett surveyd. or laid out to any

other pson or use and if the same happen upon any

Navigable river or river capable to be made Navigable

you allowe onlie the fifth pte of the Depth

thereof by the water side and a Certificate fully

specifying the bounds and scituacon thereof you re-

turne to us wth. all Convenient speed Dated y* 13th.

of December 1680

To Cap' Maurice Mathews Joseph West

Survey general! Will ffuller (

Warrant book 1672-1692, p. 196.) John Smyth

May 3, 1681, " Daniell Axtell of London M'chant" executed a power

of attorney to "John Arnold at p'sent in London now bound for Carolina

in America " to enable him to sue or collect money due to Axtell

by "Christopher Smich and John Fisher or any other psonorpsons in

Carolina," Nicholas Hayward, notary; Jacob Waight and Joseph

Morton, Jr., witnesses. (Records of the governor of South Carolina,

book 1672-1692, pp. 82-83.) > "

Public Records of South Carolina" (MS.), Vol. I., p. 12. '>

By a deed, dated July 31, 1684, John Boddycott conveyed one hundred

acres of land on Ashley River to "Dame Rebecca Axtell the

relict of the honourable Daniell Axtell one of the Landgraves of the

province of Carolina deceased". (Conveyance book, 16?3-1688.)

Daniel Axtell by his will made August 3, 1678, gave his "Eldest

daughter Sibilla", 500., to be paid to her at twenty-one or marriage;

gave son, Daniel, a like sum, to be paid him when twenty-one; gave

daughter, Mary, a like sum to be paid her at twenty-one or marriage;

son, Holland, succeeding him as landgrave.'

Lady Kebecca Axtell, widow of Landgrave Daniel Axtell

resided at her plantation, Newington, near the site of the

present town of Summerville, for some years subsequent to

the death of her husband.5 September 15, 1705, she was

granted one thousand acres of land on the north side ot

Ashley River, bounded south by her own lands, east on Ger-

shorn Hawks and Moses Martin, north on James Ford and

west on John Boisseau and James Ford.,

gave son, Holland, a like sum, to be paid when twenty-one; gave

diughters, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Anne, like sums each at twenty-

one or marriage; appointed wife, Rebecca, executrix and gave her all

the remainder of his estate; appointed "faithfull friends Henry Dan-

vers Esqr: & Mr. William Benninghton " assistants to his wife. Witnesses:

Ann Cooper, Mary Catchpoull and Sara Hill. (Records of the

governor of South Carolina, book 1672-1692, pp. 186-186.)

This will is also recorded in London, where it was proved July 2,1687.

It shows that his former place of residence was Stoke Newington,

Middlesex, which was a part of London. (See Vol. IV of this magazine,

p. 235.)

4 Carolina

ss You are forthwith to Cause to be Admeasured and

Laid out unto Holland Axtell Esqr Landgrave in

Holland Axtell Charles Towne observeing ye Rules & Method Already

a towne Lott established for Laying out s<i: Towne and a Certificate

fully specify the Number & bounds thereof you are to

Raturne to us with all Convenient speed & for yor soe

doeing this shall be yor: Warrant Dated this 23rt day

of feb1' 1683 4

To Majr Maurice Matthews John Godfrey Joseph Morton

Survey General! Maur: Matthews John Moore (

Warrant book 1672-1692, p. 291.) ''

See pages 63, 67, 68, 76 and 77 of the April issue of this magazine.

6 Vol. 38 (copy), p. 498 of abstracts of grants, Sec. of State's office,



I. Sibilla Axtell.

H. Daniel Axtell.

HI. Mary Axtell, married Cuthbert.

I\T. Holland Axtell.7

V. Rebecca Axtell.

VI. Elizabeth Axtell, m. Francis Turgis (issue), who

dying8 she next married, in December, 1698,

Governor Joseph Blake (issue); d. in 1725 or


VII. Anne Axtell, married John Alexander, and, after

his death, Joseph Boone.10

7 By his will, made December 17, 1691, and proved before Governor

Ludwell, May 4, 1692, " Holland Axtell of Carolina Landgrave," gave

his mother, Rebecca Axtell, a negro man, named Guy, an Indian boy,

named Nero, and all his cattle, horses, and ready money not otherwise

bequeathed; gave brother-in-law, John Alexander, a diamond ring;

gave brother-in-law, Frnncis Turgis, two cows, two calves, a mare and

her colt, and a silver medal; gave sister, Anne Alexander, four silver

saltcellers; gave sister, Mary Cuthbert 5. to buy a ring; gave Thomas

Graves a cow and a calf, a pocket pistol and a hone. Witnesses: B.

Waring, Elizabeth Waring and John Stevens. (Records of the Court

of Ordinary of South Carolina, book No. 1., 1692-1700, p. 17.) >

January 13, 1693-7, Elizabeth Turgis, Rebecca Axtell and William

Cantey executed their bond to Governor Blake for Mrs. Turgis's faithful

execution of her trust as executrix oi' the estate of Francis Turgis.

Witness: Charles Odingsells. (Ibid, p. 285.) '

See Vol. I of this magazine, pp. 156-157.

10 Mrs. Poyas ("the Ancient Lady") says (Days of Yore, p. 12) that

Joseph Boone married Anne, daughter of Governor Blake, but in the

next paragraph she quotes from Mrs. Boone's will: "I give to my

beloved nephew, the Hon. Joseph Blake, Esqr., my Dorchester plan

tation given me by my mother, called Mount Boone." As this Hon.

Joseph Blake was the only son of Governor Blake it is hard to see how

Mrs. Boone could be the daughter of Governor Blake "and the aunt of

his son at the same time. As shown by the records she was thetna-

ternal aunt of the younger Joseph Blake. (See also p. 82 ante.}4


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