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Marilyn TAYLOR's sister: Yvonne TAYLOR (1940-1991?)

Family of Graham Charles KENCH and Marilyn TAYLOR

Husband: Graham Charles KENCH
Wife: Marilyn TAYLOR
Children: Hilary Joyce Taylor KENCH
Julia Alice Taylor KENCH

Husband: Graham Charles KENCH

Name: Graham Charles KENCH 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Marilyn TAYLOR

Name: Marilyn TAYLOR 1
Sex: Female
Father: George James Alfred TAYLOR (1905- )
Mother: Joyce Doris SMITH (1910-1973)

Child 1: Hilary Joyce Taylor KENCH

Name: Hilary Joyce Taylor KENCH 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reginal George RHODES

Child 2: Julia Alice Taylor KENCH

Name: Julia Alice Taylor KENCH 1
Sex: Female


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