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Ernest MILNE's father: Leslie MILNE (1886-1953)
Florence KING's brother: William Walter KING ( - )

Family of Ernest Ronald MILNE and Florence Mary Elizabeth KING

Husband: Ernest Ronald MILNE (1914-1969)
Wife: Florence Mary Elizabeth KING ( - )
Children: Ernest Stanley MILNE
Brian Ernest MILNE
Martin MILNE
Malcom Patrick MILNE
Marriage 23 Jan 1938 1

Husband: Ernest Ronald MILNE

Name: Ernest Ronald MILNE 1
Sex: Male
Father: Leslie MILNE (1886-1953)
Mother: -
Birth 5 Feb 1914 Hackney, London, England, UK 1
Death 20 Aug 1969 (age 55) Tottenham, London, England, UK 1

Wife: Florence Mary Elizabeth KING

Name: Florence Mary Elizabeth KING 1
Sex: Female
Father: William John KING (1880-1959)
Mother: Florence Susanna HEALEY (1879- )

Child 1: Ernest Stanley MILNE

Name: Ernest Stanley MILNE 1
Sex: Male

Child 2: Brian Ernest MILNE

Name: Brian Ernest MILNE 1
Sex: Male

Child 3: Martin MILNE

Name: Martin MILNE 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Christine Violet ADAMS

Child 4: Malcom Patrick MILNE

Name: Malcom Patrick MILNE 1
Sex: Male

Note on Wife: Florence Mary Elizabeth KING

Twin with William Walter King [AFO-UK]1


1David Axtell, "Axtell Family History (UK)" (www.axtellfamily.org.uk).