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Family of William George AXTELL and Emma Mary NOBLE

Husband: William George AXTELL (1880- )
Wife: Emma Mary NOBLE (1882- )
Children: William George AXTELL
Ernest John C AXTELL (1912-1994)
Edith May AXTELL
Marriage Q4 1907 Epsom, Surrey, England, UK 1

Husband: William George AXTELL

Name: William George AXTELL 2
Sex: Male
Father: William George AXTELL (1852- )
Mother: Sarah BURCHETT (1856- )
Birth Q2 1880 Ewell, Surrey, England, UK 3

Wife: Emma Mary NOBLE

Name: Emma Mary NOBLE 2
Sex: Female
Father: Robert NOBLE (1858?- )
Mother: Matilda Maria EDWARDS (1856?- )
Birth Q4 1882 Waldron, East Sussex, England, UK 4

Child 1: William George AXTELL

Name: William George AXTELL 5
Sex: Male

Child 2: Ernest John C AXTELL

Name: Ernest John C AXTELL 5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Patricia J A PRATT
Birth 4 May 1912 Epsom, Surrey, England, UK 6
Baptism 6 Oct 1912 (age 0) Ewell, Surrey, England, UK 7
Death Jan 1994 (age 81) Surrey, England, UK 8

Child 3: Edith May AXTELL

Name: Edith May AXTELL 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frank Samuel HARVEY

Child 4: Hugh H AXTELL

Name: Hugh H AXTELL 5
Sex: Male

Note on Marriage

Maggie Harvey has a date of 1914

Note on Husband: William George AXTELL

NOTES: Unsure about the name of the female labeled as Living Axtell by Margaret Harvey, but looking for births around 1907 to 1914 registered in Epsom, Surrey brings up the following list, however no female is listed except Doris Axtell who was born before their marriage in 1907. But Doris could theoriticaly be a daughter since William would be 20 and Emma 18.

Edwin Leslie Axtell Q2 1906

Richard James Axtell Q3 1905

William George Axtell Q3 1908


NOTES: Cuthbert George Axtell Q1 1896 (brother)

James Axtell Q2 1897 (could be a brother, date is about right)

Horace Axtell Q3 1898 (could be a brother, date is about right)

Violet May Axtell Q1 1899 (sister)


NOTES: Doris Axtell Q2 1900 (before marriage)

Stanley Axtell Q3 1901 (before marriage)


CENSUS: 1881 Census Kingston Road, Ewell

William Axtell H M 28 Miller Aston, Hertford

Sarah Axtell W M 25 Ewell

Edith Axtell D 4 Ewell

Alice Axtell D 3 Ewell

William Axtell S 1 Ewell

George Birchett FIL W 48 B/Carman Ewell

Jane Birchett SIL U 24 Dressmaker Ewell


CENSUS: 1891 Census Ewell, Surrey

William Axtell H M 38 Miller Cheshunt, Herfordshire

Sarah W M 36 Ewell

Edith M D 14 ditto

Alice M D 13 ditto

William G S 11 ditto

Amy I D 9 ditto

Gertrude I D 7 ditto

Rose K D 5 ditto

Florence A D 2 ditto


CENSUS: 1901 Census Bakers Shop 62 Common Road, Bromley, Kent

Walter Hitchins H M 50 Baker

Alice W M 39

Walter S 12

? D 11

Leslie S 9

Hilda M D 7

? E D 4

Constance Bamforth Ser U 19 Dom Servant

William Axtel Ser U 21 Bake House Breadman Walthamstowe, Essex

Note on Wife: Emma Mary NOBLE

CENSUS: 1901 Census Cross In Hand, Waldron, Sussex

Emma Edwards H W 84 Milton, Wiltshire

Emma Noble GD S 18 Gen Serv Waldron


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