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Col Daniel Axtell (1622-1660), The Regicide


Welcome to the website for the One Name Study of the Axtell surname.

Axtell is an old name which probably dates back to the time of the Vikings. The name is derived from Ashkettle or Asketillus which means God and Kettle or sacrifical cauldron in Old Norse. A person with the name Ashkettle would have oversean the sacrificial rites of pre-Christian England. The first Axtells probably arrived in England after 1066 as part of the emigration that followed the Norman Conquest. They seem to have first settled in Norfolk, before moving on to other areas, primarily Buckinghamshire.

Spelling variations of Axtell include Axstell, Axtel, Axstel, Axtill, Axstill, Axtil, Axstil, Axell, Axill, Akstell, Akstill, Ashkettle, Askettle, Asketell, Asketel, Asketill, Asketil, and Asktyl. This website is mostly concerned with Axtell but will include all other variations.

Select the Index for a list by surname of all individuals in this database. Alternatively you can browse through the descendents of Thomas Axtell (the ancestor of all American Axtells), Joseph Axtell (Hertfordshire Axtell), Daniel Axtell (London Axtells), or William Axtell (Surrey Axtells).

Please contact me if you would like more information or can make corrections to my data.

This website is constantly changing as more and more information gets added so keep coming back for more! It was last updated on 23th December 2009.



Table of Contents
Daniel Axtell the Regicide
Key Ancestor - Joseph Axtell (Redborn Axtells)
Key Ancestor - John Axtell (American Axtells)
Key Ancestor - William Axtell (Surrey Axtells)
Key Ancestor - Daniel Axtell (London Axtells)
Key Ancestor - James Axtell (Surrey/London/Wales)
American Axtell Family Organisation
London Axtell Family Organisation
Astell One Name Study Website
Axtell page on GenealogyWise



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